Foxglove Herbarium was created because I have a passion for healing, I believe in the wisdom the body provides to guide us to whole body healing. Growing, preserving, and wild harvesting responsibly to make herbal solutions in harmony with nature is one of my favorite things. Having started an herbal business in Reno after finishing school, my family decided to move to a beautiful town on the south coast of Oregon. The herb garden was a little upset by the move, having been dug up and replanted. However they are growing and thriving in the garden with all the beautiful rain. Working with the whole body of a person for me, means the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental places we inhabit.  I love this Earth we live on and strive to provide care for her by being responsible in my material choices. I hope to increase awareness that the use of medicinal plants for wellness, and that the connection with the wildness of nature has the ability to heal and sustain life. Learning about Herbs in all their habitats, wildcrafting and making medicine are just the beginning, knowing herb lore, myths and spirits are all part of the journey of herbalism.